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Many people mistakenly believe that if they have given someone their power of attorney, they have given up control over their own finances or healthcare decisions. Powers of attorney are legal documents and the person you appoint must be someone you trust, however, a power may be revoked at any time so long as the grantor remains competent.


The government will provide for the distribution of your estate if you fail to do so. The government's plan is rarely consistent with the wishes of most people. We have over thirty years of experience drafting wills and helping people protect the assets they have worked so hard for. Estate planning is not just for rich people.

With proper estate planning most estates can be managed without the necessity of probate. For others, independent administration can save thousands of dollars in administrative costs. Occasionally, supervised administration is necessary. We have the experience and knowledge to guide you through each step of the process.

Call us today to remain in control of your assets and decide how they will be distributed.

Wills, Powers of Attorney and Healthcare Directives

Many people spend most of their lives responsibly attending to their work or business only to have

much of it squandered late in life because they did not prepare for disability or death.

Hoping for the best is natural. Planning for the worst is essential.


Powers of Attorney