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Car Accident

When you are invited onto someone's property, whether it be business or personal, we assume there are no landmines buried in the front yard. Sometimes there are. They take the form of ice from a faulty downspout, improperly stacked products falling from overhead shelving, vicious dogs or broken steps. Despite all precautions for one's own safety, thousands of innocent people are maimed every year by irresponsible business owners and homeowners who knew the landmines were there but were too busy or too careless to fix them before the public arrived.

Automoblie accidents

There is no area of the law that is more complicated than personal injury litigation. Sadly, the physical injuries sustained in an auto accident may only be the beginning. Many insurance adjusters and attorneys swoop in to take advantage of individuals who have no idea what they should or should not do to protect their rights. We have represented people injured in automobile accidents for over thirty years and our focus has never changed. We look, we listen, we counsel and we fight for the client.

Negligence actions can take many forms. The contractor that forgot to install structural supports or used inferior material to save on overhead. The utility company that failed to maintain the traffic lights. Individuals, corporations and municipalties have a duty to manage their affairs in a manner that does not create unreasonable risk to the public. That is the nature of our civil society. When someone else's negligence causes damage to you, personally or financially, we can help.

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Assistance when you need it most

Injuries occur to innocent people every day because someone else was not paying attention, used bad judgment or was simply careless. In a world where irresponsibility seems to be more the rule than the exception, you must have an advocate in your corner to demand and obtain justice for your loss.


Premises liability