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Boundary lines contained in your warranty deed can be compromised by allowing another to take possession of any portion and later claim it as their own. Laws exist to protect the true owner but you must act to preserve your interests. If you are engaged in a dispute over the location of your property lines, we can help.

Purchasing property

A home is often the largest purchase a family will ever make. The financial commitment should never be entered into lightly. The purchase of a new home should be an exciting and positive experience, however, the complicated language in purchase agreements, abstracts and title insurance policies can leave you dazed and confused. We can cut through the legalese and allow you to sleep easy in your new home knowing your title is solid and your investment is safe.

The sale of property would seem to be simple and straightforward. It is not. The State requires the seller, in most instances, to complete disclosure reports revealing any defects in the property. For example, cracks in a foundation wall or leaks in an area of the roof can expose a seller to legal action if not properly disclosed. We have represented hundreds of sellers over the years and have the knowledge and skills necessary to help the seller comply with the State's many laws.

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